Deal With It
A New Year’s lesson from the executive suite
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 1/1/2016


Last year, I interviewed 11 Lancaster leaders. All were polite, humble, and focused on using their talents to make Lancaster a better place to live. 

They share many obvious qualities. They all work hard. All have a passion for the work that they do, and they share a vision of their work that’s much larger than simply striving to enrich themselves. They’re all successful, and they keep score not in dollars, but rather in lives they’re able to improve. 

I’m trying to identify a common characteristic (or 2) that they all possess, something that sets them apart from those of us with offices on the floors beneath the Executive Suites. You know, New Year’s lessons that might make the world better if everyone could learn and practice them. 

A common thread is that each of these leaders practice fitness programs. Three of them have marathons on their résumés. I was happily surprised to learn that I’ve run the same marathons as Patrick Hopkins and Alex Henderson. And while Craig Lehman’s marathons were different from mine, his tenacity and success are enviable. I’m thinking that running’s evidence of a valuable personality trait that’s tracking toward the Endangered Species List. 

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