Land Molder
Pete Slaugh at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 2/1/2016


If Pete Slaugh had followed his original plan and gone to law school, Lancaster County might look much different today. Pete is the managing director of Homesale Realty, and in his 50+ years in real estate and development, he’s built and sold thousands of homes, even though real estate was not his original plan for his life. 

After graduating from Villanova, he decided to work for a while to save money to pay for law school, but he quickly discovered that he liked real estate so much that he’s never wanted to leave it. “Real estate and construction are in my DNA.”

That’s because his mother, Dottie, was a real estate agent in Lancaster when real estate was almost exclusively a male profession. She began in 1936 and operated the Widmyer-Prangley firm, which dated back to 1856. “Her office was in the Fulton Bank building, and she dealt mostly with commercial properties downtown.” Pete’s father, meanwhile, worked for Bogar Lumber in Lancaster. And Pete has always worked.

“We lived on Columbia Avenue, and I started mowing lawns on Atkins and Spencer when I was 12.” 

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