Mary Grace Simcox at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 3/1/2016


Mary Grace Simcox is enjoying an opportunity (and workload) that few college presidents ever encounter because “We’re building an entire new campus from scratch.” 

That campus is the ultra-modern facility for the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, and the $67 million project is now taking shape on the former site of Bosch Security on Greenfield Road. 

The new campus been a long time coming, and building it required persistence because the process was much more complex than simply finding a new space and getting some building permits. “We had to change some laws. No other college in Pennsylvania exists like we do now. When I first suggested this to the state regulators, they hung up on me. 

“The difference is that in all other instances, a university owns a hospital. For example, the University of Pennsylvania owns Penn Medicine, and Temple University owns Temple University Hospital. We’re the exact opposite.” 

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