Exploit Disruption! (Lancaster)
A must read for personal success!
By Ted Byrne
Date Published: 5/1/2016

See the Harrisburg version here 

“You want a secret of survival Ted?” the retired CEO leaned toward my ear. “Near the top,” he murmured, “Opportunity’s a zero sum game. If you don’t grasp it, another guy will.” 

See that verb, “grasp”? Yeah it means to seize but it also means to understand. 

Recently at my club a friend and his son joined us. The young man’s a senior at an ivy school with dual majors in engineering and business/finance. “How’s he doing?” his dad asked the dozen or so professionals sitting around a large lunch table, “You think he’ll make it with that set of creds?” The student’s a charming bright guy, easy to talk with. Maybe he’s got the whole tool set: As long as the locks don’t get disrupted.


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