Michael Biggerstaff, CIO at Nxtbook Media
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 5/1/2016


Almost everyone in Lancaster County has seen Michael Biggerstaff’s smiling face over the past year. As the leader of the United Way of Lancaster County’s first Campaign Chair Company, his face has been on billboards throughout the county. In years past, an individual served as head of the UW’s campaign, and in 2015 Nxtbook Media became the first entire company to serve in that position. And, as chief inspiration officer at Nxtbook, where he’s 1 of 3 partners, Michael received the honor of being the face of the campaign.

He received that opportunity to serve his community because he has been both a contributor to the community and a highly successful businessman for many years. Nxtbook, which officially launched on July 23, 2003, now has 53 employees and utilizes more than 14,000 square feet of office space at Urban Place on New Holland Pike. The company’s signature product is its page-flipping technology for digital publications, and Nxtbook also offers many more services to its clients. 

In addition to running the successful company, Michael serves his community in diverse ways. “I’m active at Stevens College and with the Lancaster Chamber, and as a company, we work with students from McCaskey. We also support a lot of charities.”

His path to his position as a CIO in Lancaster began in Maryland. “I was born in Baltimore. My parents split up when I was young, and I moved to Kannapolis, North Carolina with my mother. I lived there until I was 12, when I moved to Pennsylvania to live with my father and step-mother. I went to Lower Dauphin schools, and I developed an interest in graphic arts.

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