Marlin Benedict, senior executive partner at Simon Lever
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 7/1/2016


Marlin Benedict has seen a lot of debits and credits during his career in accounting, but balance sheets and retained earnings aren’t the parts of accounting that he likes best. “This is much more of a people business than a numbers business. Communication with our clients is vital, and I value the relationships that we’ve built with them.” 

Since January 1, Marlin has been the senior executive partner at Simon Lever, and while his people-first approach to accounting and finances may seem to go against the “bean counter” stereotype of accountants, he learned before he actually started working there that he’s in the people business. 

“When I was interviewing for my job here, one of the partners asked me, ‘How did you do in English?’ I thought that was a strange question, but he explained that our job is to deal with people, so I would be writing letters and communicating with clients. I’ve certainly come to realize that while I do deal with numbers, our real purpose is to work with people and show them how those numbers can add value to their lives.”

That first interview took place more than 40 years ago, and Marlin must have aced both the interview and the job because Simon Lever hired him, and he has never worked anywhere else. “I’ve seen a lot and I’ve loved it. I’m as close as you can possibly get to loving every minute of it.” 

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