Mary Kohler, president and CEO of the H and H Group
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 8/1/2016


“This is so much fun. I love this business.” 

That’s Mary Kohler’s approach to her work and to her entire life. “I like everything. I want to run ambulance.” She may run with an ambulance crew someday, but for now, most of her time goes to managing and growing the H and H Group on North Prince Street, where she’s president and CEO. 

H and H started as a Sir Speedy franchise, and in fact, it still is, even though the business doesn’t use the Sir Speedy name. “We’ve changed our business model. Everything that we do now is business to business, and we’ve expanded to include some other departments. We thought that H and H better represented that model, but we still benefit greatly from being a Sir Speedy franchise.”

Mary’s involvement in the printing business began in 1973, when her parents bought a Sir Speedy franchise and opened for business in the 200 block of North Queen Street. Back then, working in the printing business wasn’t her first career choice. “I ran a horse farm for 5 years. That was what I really wanted to do. I was a competitive rider, but I realized that I couldn’t make a good living doing that.”

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