Bill Tell, president of NTI Group
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 12/1/2016


“I was tricked into doing this.” 

That’s Bill Tell’s description of the events that led him to his position as president of NTI Group, an insurance and employee benefits company with offices in Erin Court in Lancaster.

Insurance is actually Bill’s second career, and it’s a line of work that’s distinctly different from his first. “After college, I went to work in the family business.” That business is PDQ Manufacturing in Leola, a company that sells locks, deadbolts, door closers, and exit devices, and his first job took him far from PDQ’s Lancaster County headquarters. 

“I worked overseas in Quality Control, and I lived in Thailand and South Korea. My stay in Thailand ended with a motorcycle crash, and it showed me that the people there are wonderful. Some people with a tiny truck picked me up and took me to the hospital. Eventually, I was just ready to come back home.”

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