Benedict Dubbs, principal at Murray Associates Architects
By Eric Harkreader
Date Published: 2/1/2017


Whether it’s tying the perfect fly to catch a Yellow Breeches trout, dicing the right blend of hot and sweet peppers to craft a home-cooked pasta paella, or converting a 1900s brick residence to feel like a modern and powerful boardroom, Benedict Dubbs is happiest when he’s creating.

“It’s all in the details,” he’ll tell you, before launching into a 10-minute explanation of how a good handrail does much more than offering support on the stairs.

“Is [the handrail] warm, is it cold? How does your hand enter it, how do you leave it? We sit and watch those things when you go to certain buildings. Where some people say it’s just a handrail,” Dubbs says.

Details matter to the longtime principal of Murray Associates Architects, the Harrisburg firm that can claim more than 3,000 projects in its 80-year history that has quite literally shaped the mid-state.

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