Bob Shoemaker, project manager at the Lancaster City Alliance
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 2/1/2017


“I demoted myself, and it was exhilarating.” 

That’s how Bob Shoemaker landed his job as project manager at the Lancaster City Alliance. He was previously CEO and president of the organization, and by demoting himself, he believes that he’s allowing others to grow in their positions and to contribute more to the alliance. Even with the demotion, he’s still fully involved in LCA’s efforts to improve life in the city, and he now has more time to enjoy favorite avocations such as boating. 

Bob’s demotion came after he had served as LCA’s president since its inception in 2013. Before that, he was president of the Lancaster Alliance for 3 years, and when The James Street Improvement District (JSID) and the Lancaster Alliance merged to form the Lancaster City Alliance on July 1, 2013, Bob became president of the new organization. 

As he looks at his work and his eventual departure from the LCA, he has a 3-pronged approach to a successful tenure and a good exit:

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