First Among Equals
Nick Grasberger, CEO of Harsco
By Eric Harkreader
Date Published: 3/1/2017


Family man. Mild-mannered. Introverted—not exactly common descriptions for the intrepid class of business leaders commonly referred to as the C-Suite.

And yet, Nick Grasberger, CEO of Harsco, is all 3.

Grasberger is used to being underestimated based on his demeanor and boyish good looks—he sometimes wishes for some gray in his youthful blonde hair, he admits. And he pushes back against the occasional criticism that he’s “too nice.”

“There’s a difference between being respectful and not being tough,” he suggested in a recent corner-office interview. “If you’ve got to make a tough decision, you can be respectful about those who suffer from the consequences of the decision.”

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