When Did Opinion Become Fact?
Rejecting fake news
By Steve Schulz
Date Published: 4/1/2017


“Jean O’Grady’s job applications were snubbed. Without experience or higher education, employers rejected her for managerial jobs. But Jean’s applications to community college were also rejected. Why? She’d come to America on a tourist visa and overstayed. Without documents, schools subsidized by taxpayer dollars, turned her away. Without a change in these discriminatory laws, Jean’s condemned to a string of pointless menial work which, without a Social Security number, she can hold for only a couple of months. In the minds of many, Jean O’Grady’s dreams and hopes as well as those of her 3 adorable children are collateral damage of controversial public policy.”

That fictitious paragraph is just one example of anecdotal journalism.

What’s not made up are stories from disgraced celebrities Brian Williams and Dan Rather. The former now “Chief Anchor” and host of a nightly “news” show on MSNBC, while Rather is host of a celebrity “News Interview” show on Mark Cuban’s AXS TV. Both men infamously wrote and repeatedly broadcasted fake news as managing editors of network newscasts. Both men were removed from those positions, and yet even the creation of false news stories is not a terminal offense in journalism. 

What to conclude from O’Grady, Rather and Williams? 

Jean O’Grady’s story omitted the taxpayer that her collegiate acceptance will crowd-out of a classroom seat. And those dollars taxed away from workers, many quite poor, who’d be forced to pay for whatever social and educational services she and her “adorable” children will consume. Why? The impact upon parents whose opportunities are taxed to support O’Grady’s illegal entry into their school district, or municipality weren’t included since they contradicted an editor’s open-border narrative. 

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