Prove It
The HR department has been put on notice
By Ira S. Wolfe
Date Published: 4/1/2017


What I’m about to share isn’t the fault of HR exclusively. Management certainly had a hand in it too. It’s no secret that HR has somehow avoided management’s mandate for data-driven decisions. But I suspect HR’s seat at the table will become unbearably hot going forward unless things change. The results from a recent survey about recruiting trends only confirm how removed HR is from being taken seriously. If the survey does nothing else, it certainly makes you ask “What the ****?”

Before I share the results, let me put this story in some context. Imagine you’re a fly on the wall observing this company’s next executive management meeting. Sales, marketing, finance, and operations present first and display dashboards using real-time data that track and monitor every web click, transaction, expense, and inventory part. Each manager in charge is challenged on the accuracy of his or her numbers and forced to recommend and defend an action for improvement that has the highest probability of success. “Trust me” is out. “Prove it” is in!

Now it’s HR’s turn.

“How effective are those changes you made last month?” the CEO asks. The director of HR responds:

• Our best recruiting source (where you invest most of your recruiting dollars) is producing 4 percent of the best candidates.

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