The Best Fit
Improve your chances to find the right job candidate
By Ira Wolfe
Date Published: 5/1/2017

Finding enough qualified workers is keeping a lot of CEOs and recruiters up at night. The talent acquisition challenge is getting worse. Time to fill hovers around its all-time high. Attrition rates among top performers are climbing. And the universal consensus is that finding skilled workers is more difficult and getting worse. Frantically, many organizations keep stumbling over their own feet trying to fix recruitment. Management is getting impatient waiting for HR to find a solution. Recruiters and managers blame a weak labor pool. 

Despite the enormity of the challenge it’s not impossible to fill open positions quickly with top talent either. Many companies have proven it can be done. 

That forces one to ask: what strategies and tactics do some companies practice in the war for talent that others don’t? They ask: could it be that a poor response to our job postings isn’t due to a lack of talent but an inefficient and ineffective recruitment process? 

Sourcing candidates cannot be accomplished by trial and error. It’s simply too exhausting and expensive to just wing it anymore. Posting a job opening is no longer a copy-and-paste task. Each job posting must be a marketing event, much like a sales campaign. Job boards provide a good lead source but it’s the company’s responsibility to target the right segment and separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s perfectly clear many organizations aren’t very good at either function. In fact, once management begins to analyze its people data it becomes painfully evident that many of the recruitment problems that companies face can be traced to poor execution and not a weak labor pool. Good applicants exist. You just have to work harder and smarter to find them.

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