Are You Talent Attractive?
Be Better to Get Better
By Rob Marchalonis
Date Published: 5/1/2017



Be worthy of the talent you seek. In business, as in life, if you want to attract better, you may have to become better. If a bright, capable, and talented workforce is what you need, then start by examining how worthy an employer you are to high-performance employees. When I work with leaders, they quickly realize the value that skill, experience, and talent can bring to their organizations. Usually, they enjoy some level of talent among their current team. Often, great potential and capacity exists within their workforce but it needs to be trained, coached, or otherwise “unleashed.” Occasionally, specialized skills or leadership must be recruited. Rarely, however, do business owners and leaders start by looking within their organization and honestly assessing how attractive they are to the talent they desire. 

Talent has options. Peak performers, both within and external to your organization, are very careful about investing their effort where they can succeed and be rewarded. That’s why many of the best tech minds head to silicon valley, financial analysts to Wall Street, actors and actresses to Los Angeles, musicians to Nashville, and ambitious entrepreneurs to … Shark Tank! Sure, not every business needs to compete at a national level but there are many who do, and as the world gets proverbially smaller their numbers are growing. Competition for experience, skills, and ability is keen and rising, and not just for professional occupations. In many communities, skilled labor is in greater demand than desk jobs and offers higher compensation. How can you best position yourself to draw in a high-performance workforce?

Give your organization a makeover. Evaluate yourself and use these five opportunities to become more attractive to the best employees and recruits:

• Create a compelling culture

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