Spiritual Intelligence
Leaders are not born. They develop.
By Barbara Kauffman
Date Published: 6/1/2017

Here are two simple questions posed to me by my daughter: Who are your spiritual heroes, those people you admire, living, dead or fictional. And, list the characteristics that caused you to admire them. 

Turns out, it was not a simple question to answer. She was telling me about her Leadership class, and how the students all seemed to arrive with the typical well-known names: Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Deepak Chopra. She continued by listing the traits of these people: loving, compassionate, kind, forgiving, courageous, honest, generous, persistent, wise, and inspiring. I continued to think while she prattled on, because in reviewing the list she provided, only one woman appeared.

My daughter then explained the four levels of Intelligence, that when combined, make a good leader: 1) PI or Physical Intelligence, taking care of your body to support the leader, 2) IQ or Intelligence Quotient, it seems a leader does require some sort of brain, 3) EI or Emotional Intelligence, those interpersonal and communication skills which, upon delving further, leads to 4) SI or Spiritual Intelligence, which keeps your ego in check so you can perform at that higher level. 

What is Spiritual Intelligence? According to Cindy Wigglesworth, president of Deep Change Inc., and one who has been researching SI for a while, “SI is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity) regardless of the circumstances.” 

In addition she explains, “Wisdom and compassion together compose the manifestation of love. Behavior is important because it focuses on how well we maintain our center and stay calm and treat each other with wisdom and compassion—regardless of the situation.” That last phrase is the coup de grace. When the world is crashing down around you and stress is the center of your being, maintain your compassion and wisdom and above all, behave yourself.

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