Purpose in the Workplace
Your employees will be much more productive with a purpose driven vision
By John Dame
Date Published: 6/1/2017


Can you imagine what would happen if every person was connected to purpose at work … to a job that mattered to them, their company and the world? Imagine how much more productive and successful they’d be. For the past several years I have been on a mission to help organizations bring purpose to their workplace and to help leaders to become purposeful leaders. LinkedIn published the 2016 workforce purpose index called “Purpose at Work.” This is the largest global study on the role of purpose in the workforce. 

The addition of purpose to your work is meaningful for several reasons. Gallup continues to show that only 30% of the workforce is engaged. That leaves 70% of your workforce disengaged and underproductive. The numbers have been stuck at these rates for over 20 years, even though billions have been spent on workforce engagement. Purpose in the workplace can change these dismal statistics.

According to the study “a company can embody purpose in a number of ways. Purpose-driven companies have a stated and measured reason for being, a mission that all employees know (this is more than just setting a financial goal for your company). They have a culture and jobs that deliver employees three core elements of experiencing purpose: a) positive impact on others, b) personal development and c) delivery of work through strong relationships.” I would add that without purposeful leaders that show up differently and embrace the concept of workplace purpose, it is impossible to deliver enhanced outcomes.

Here are some incredible facts regarding purpose-driven organizations:

• Purpose prioritizers outperform their peers in 7 out of 8 categories including yearly revenue—Harvard Business Review

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