Talent Acquisition
Debunking the “Alternative Facts”
By Ira S. Wolfe
Date Published: 6/1/2017


It’s been a hectic three weeks. I delivered six presentations on the Recruiting in the Age of Googlization from the banks of the Mississippi River to the edge of Niagara Falls. I also finally submitted my final manuscript for Recruiting in the Age of Googlization: When the Shift Hits Your Plan. It will hopefully be on the “bookshelves” by early summer. 

Speaking of bookshelves, many readers will likely never own a physical copy of the book or turn paper pages. Welcome to 2017—the year that autonomous vehicles left the starting blocks on their journey to the mainstream. Artificial intelligence and big data transformed the way decisions from buying shoes to curing cancer are made. Iconic retailers like Sears and Radio Shack teeter on the brink of extinction. Macy’s, Payless, and more than a dozen other retailers are closing stores right and left. “Peopleless” stores and banks welcome customers. And a 400 square foot home was 3D printed in less than 24 hours for just $10,000!

During my travels and presentations I confirmed a few things as well. Nearly every participant who attended these conferences and meetings agreed that recruiting was getting more difficult. Time to hire was taking longer. The cost to hire and retain was increasing. And … people still insist the shortage of qualified skilled workers is a local and/or industry-specific problem. Many managers point the fingers at Millennials. Others blame the local environment. Employers and jobseekers alike hang their hopes on the government to fix the problem. 

I’m here to tell you loud and clear (plain and simple)—waiting for the labor markets and employer demands to sync up any time soon is just naïve and maybe even delusional. Whatever the cause and whatever you believe, things won’t end well without a fresh approach.

No conventions are sacred in this time of exponential change. The sooner organizations take responsibility for their own destiny the more likely it is they will lead others into a prosperous and productive future. The journey begins with debunking these three myths about the future of talent acquisition.

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