Mike Waylett, head of school at Linden Hall
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 6/1/2017

“It’s a great school.” That’s Mike Waylett’s description of Linden Hall School For Girls in Lititz, and it was that greatness that inspired him to leave another excellent school, one where he had worked for more than three decades, to become head of school at Linden Hall.

Before coming to Lancaster County, he had spent 34 years at Saint Anne’s-Belfield, an independent K-12 school in Chartlottesville, Virginia. Saint Anne’s-Belfield has two campuses and 900 students, a number much higher than Linden Hall’s 194, which he expects to grow to 212 next school year. 

At Saint Anne’s-Belfield, he was Associate Head of School when he accepted the position at Linden Hall, and he’s now completing his second full year in Lititz. “From 1991 until 2015, I held the same position at Saint Anne’s-Belfield, and I always wondered about being a Head of School. When I saw the opening at Linden Hall, it seemed interesting. I made a few visits, and I really liked the school and the area. It felt like a good change.”

In his two years at Linden Hall, he’s been very happy with both the school and Lancaster County. “I have an aunt and uncle in Middletown, and I had passed through Lancaster before, but I never really spent any time here.”

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