Naming the Oughts?
A bittersweet goodbye
By Steve Schulz
Date Published: 9/1/2017


I feel a little sorry for you folks who are between 25 and 35 years old. As far as pop culture’s concerned, well, you didn’t exist. Remember the ’70s? How about the ’90s? Maybe the ’50s? Even if you weren’t around or sensate during any of those decades, well you’ve heard about them right? Psychologists tell us people come of age between their 13th and 23rd years. It’s the decade (give or take a couple of years) most imprinted upon our lives. Secondary school, high school, service, possibly college, and first jobs. All backed by a musical track. 

This century, we’ve been in the Teens for seven years. Punsters already talk about elections in the ’20s. But what about the gap between the ’90s and the teens? Fact is, if there isn’t a name for something, it doesn’t exist. Think about names … The internet? Streaming? Derivatives? Twitter? I mean, when I write say, ‘Hip-Hop’ I don’t have to explain it—the name nails it for you.

How can there be nostalgia for the first decade of the century when it’s not even named? Ever heard anyone talk about the Zeros? The Oughts? The Nothings? How do you Google it? Try the ‘Oughts’ and Google asked if you meant The Aughts? Type ‘The Zeros’ and you get some punk band. The only way to find the top hits from 2000 to 2007 is to type in ‘Hits of the ’00s’ and they won’t even give you the last two years!

So why is this question worming through my brain? Well, with a group of friends, I founded Business2Business Magazines in late 2000. By 2008, we delivered monthly throughout a broad swath of Pennsylvania’s southeastern region. Using conservative industry multipliers, we were read by some 50,000 managers from Kutztown through Harrisburg and Hershey curving through Strasburg and down to West Chester. B2B blanketed the media markets of Reading, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and the southwestern swath of the Delaware Valley.

Yet you are holding the last issue … the September 2017 copy of Business2Business Magazines. Today I’m writing my last column for a publication about which I have enormous pride. For 17 years we’ve thought about business, bringing tactical and strategic best practices to help businesses be more efficient and grow. Our writers were cutting edge experts who live and work here in this area. You could trust their advice because their names and titles followed their pieces. Their integrity was our integrity … and vice versa. If it appeared in B2B, you could take it to the bank. And in fact, many articles were either by or contained the wisdom of this region’s leading bankers themselves. 

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