Sparkle & Shine!
Manage revenue streams and achieve optimal results
By Laura Schanz
Date Published: 9/1/2017


I love fireworks. Not relationship fireworks, but good old-fashioned light up the night sky, glorious fireworks set to music on a sweltering summer night where the crowd oohs and aahs at the magic the pyrotechnics shower on the canvas of the universe.

The best displays are the ones that make you crane your neck to see the ‘high ones’ as we called them as kids, and moments later, set off a beautiful patriotic themed ground show that warms your heart and makes hands clap with gleeful appreciation.

Fireworks that both sparkle and shine.

As summer vacations wind down, and everyone shifts to back-to-school learning mode, the best lesson learned might come from those magical evenings. Managing revenue streams in your company is like creating the best fireworks display, you need to sparkle and shine if you desire to achieve optimal results.

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