Tom Duff, CEO of Mount Joy Wire
By Bill Simpson
Date Published: 9/1/2017


Tom Duff doesn’t wear a cowboy hat in his office or ride a horse to work, but the blood of a cowboy flows through his veins. That’s because he’s a graduate of Oklahoma State University and an avid supporter of his alma mater’s sports teams—The Cowboys and the Cowgirls. He grew up in Stillwater, home of OSU, and he’s been rooting for (and playing for) the Cowboys all his life. “Stillwater is a great college town, and when I was a child, my father took me to the games.”

Tom and his enthusiasm for his Cowboys came to Mount Joy Wire Company in 1993, and he became president of the company in 1998. He’s now CEO, and business is good. “We have about 150 employees. We produce about 2.5 million pounds of wire a month, and we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve found a niche, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries, and it works well for us.”

Mount Joy Wire was formerly National Standard, and Tom’s path to Lancaster County began in 1991 when Fred Krieger, his father-in-law, purchased the facility. 

At the time, Tom had never worked in the wire business. “I had been in public accounting. I was with Price Waterhouse in New Orleans for a few years, and I was back in Stillwater as the VP of finance for the Oklahoma State University Foundation when my father-in-law bought the plant. Coming here was a tough decision, but my father-in-law was my mentor for several years, and I learned from him.”

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