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Customer service: Kill ‘em with kindness
By Barbara Kauffman
Date Published: 9/1/2017


The conversation: “Did you find everything you needed today, ma’am?” “No, I could not find—insert product here—. “ “Ok. Thank you.”

Outside of the fact the young man called me ma’am, what was the thank you? No, let me go look. Let me ask my manager if we still have it. Or may I order it for you? This particular store must teach the staff to ask as I frequently buy there (stupid me?) But why ask if no action is to be taken? Where has all the service gone? Long time lacking, I bemoan. 

Walking through an amusement park recently, I noted to my husband that not one person in employee park uniforms was smiling as we passed by. Granted it was trash pick-up, what is there to smile about? We followed our day out by visiting a local restaurant. Outside of the fact that it took 45 minutes after we were seated to have someone come to our table, during the meal, our water glasses and adult beverages remained empty for an indeterminable time. It was what happened when our meal arrived that is the subject of note. Okay, in the restaurant’s defense, it was a busy Saturday night, and we did have the fore thought to make reservations. However, as our waitress delivered two of our 4 meals—after my husband took a few French fries, she whisked it away. “This is not your order, it is for another table.” She proceeded to place the same plate in front of the man at the next table who had no clue that my husband had sampled part of his meal. 

I am not alone in my lament. I have heard many friends and family express the same dissatisfactions. 

One friend noted that her meal meal was served at a local restaurant, she had trouble flagging the waitress back to the table in order to get silverware with which to eat! She asked another wait staff who happened by, this person said she would let her waitress know what was needed.

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