Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do Business2Business Magazines' claim the largest business circulation in Pennsylvania?

Answer: The approximately 7,500 copies mailed to the recipients in each of our two monthly editions – Lancaster and the Harrisburg Metro region – create a total circulation of 22,000 which is many times larger than that of any other regional business publication in Pennsylvania (it's larger than many of them combined).
Question: You mention "circulation" but why not discuss "readership" as others do?

Answer: Because readership is not a real number, circulation is. Publications cook up readership numbers when they take the hard number of editions they print and pump them up with a multiplier for "pass-along". That's fiction. Advertisers spend too much money for bets on guesswork. We publish verifiable numbers of editions that are circulated to decision makers each month. All publishers have circulation numbers, but some won't disclose them.
Question: How do the Business2Business Magazines recipients differ from those of other business publications?

Answer: They are almost exclusively managers with significant budgetary authority. They must be on our carefully targeted mailing lists to receive the publications. Our publications are not routinely available to students, teachers, street-people, or sellers interested in qualifying target prospects. Whether the recipients are managers at for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental institutions, their common characteristic is their responsibility to make decisions which commit their enterprise tactically, strategically, or both. They are the critical decision makers who influence the economics of these markets and who authorize the purchasing decisions.
Question: What are the hurdles to having an article accepted by Business2Business Magazines?

Answer: Submissions must resonate with our executive readerships' needs for tactical and strategic advice. Our readers know immediately if the writer has "been there," if the writer is a peer. They understand if the advice is authentic and free from a commercial message. We do not sell our editorial copy. You will not find an advertisement on one page and article pumping that advertiser on another. We are not littered with "Best-Of" articles designed to trawl for advertisers anxious to appear on the lists. Readers expect that articles will be helping them and not their authors. Of course we showcase prominent professionals who have mastered key tactics as a result of their professional work. And of course by demonstrating expertise in terms of profitable advice, writers grow business from the trust their work in Business2Buisness Magazines engenders. We showcase important advisers to important readers. It's the system at work.
Question: What's the value of a publication's shelf-life?

Answer: There are two significant components to how long a publication will remain in front of readers. One has to do with the longevity or depth of its content. The other has to do with the frequency of its circulation. As a practitioner journal, the strategic and tactical information in Business2Business Magazines lacks the vaporous nature of the daily ‘facts' which comprise even strong news stories. Best practices have a life span significantly longer than the moment's press releases, or passing events. Moreover as a monthly as opposed to daily or weekly publications, the contents of Business2Business Magazines escape the decay of the daily news cycle. They will not be "scooped" by the minute-to-minute parade of news pouring out of websites and cable channels which attack the utility of daily or weekly news publications. Business2Business articles and issues have a shelf-life beyond even the month they are circulated and or read. Unsurprisingly, our issues are gathered for continued reference on the credenzas of the region's key managers.
Question: What does Path-Accuracy have to do with marketing to businesses?

Answer: Path Accuracy means maximizing access among executive decision makers at the lowest cost per thousand. No other business media in Pennsylvania is more path accurate than Business2Business Magazines. No publication, no broadcast, no ‘new media'. Today the end users of data no longer believe they have to pay for it. Unlike all other quality business publications in our market, the executives who use Business2Business analysis do not pay for it – it comes as a service from the advertisers who benefit from access to their time. And unlike a website, Business2Business Magazines come to the active attention of the region's busiest executives each month. While they must access websites, Business2Business Magazines accesses them.
Question: From an advertiser's viewpoint, what's the value of Business2Business Magazines' dominant circulation and rifle-shot targeting?

Answer: While some publications may reluctantly reveal the true circulation numbers behind imaginative readership claims, there are no other business publications or web sites which can verify the decision-making responsibilities of their recipients. So, simply put, if an advertiser needs to bring a message to the greatest number of management decision makers in these Pennsylvania markets – an efficient marketing strategy must begin with Business2Business Magazines. On a cost-per-targeted-prospect basis, there simply is no competitive commercial media.