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Cowboy (9/1/2017)
Tom Duff, CEO of Mount Joy Wire
By Bill Simpson
Groomer (9/1/2017)
Clark Tomlinson, president of Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care
By Bill Simpson
Talent Acquisition (6/1/2017)
Debunking the “Alternative Facts”
By Ira S. Wolfe
Mentor (6/1/2017)
Mike Waylett, head of school at Linden Hall
By Bill Simpson
The Best Fit (5/1/2017)
Improve your chances to find the right job candidate
By Ira Wolfe
Optimist (5/1/2017)
Kate McCaslin, president and CEO of Associated Builders & Contractors Keystone Chapter
By Bill Simpson
Prove It (4/1/2017)
The HR department has been put on notice
By Ira S. Wolfe
Inspired (4/1/2017)
Sam Bressi, president and CEO of the Lancaster County Community Foundation
By Bill Simpson
Leaky Recruitment Funnel? (3/1/2017)
Attract more jobseekers in a tight job market
By Ira S. Wolfe
Labor of Love (3/1/2017)
Michelle Rondinelli, president at Kitchen Kettle Village
By Bill Simpson
Collaborator (2/1/2017)
Bob Shoemaker, project manager at the Lancaster City Alliance
By Bill Simpson
A Special Place and a Higher Calling (1/1/2017)
“We love Lancaster. There’s great generosity and a sense of community here. People truly care about each other. Do people recognize what a jewel we have?” Rick Rodgers, Rodgers & Associates
By Bill Simpson
Innovator (12/1/2016)
Bill Tell, president of NTI Group
By Bill Simpson
Planner (11/1/2016)
Rick Rodgers, president of Rodgers & Associates
By Bill Simpson
Strategist (10/1/2016)
Mike Mitchell—executive director of the High Center at Elizabethtown College
By Nicole Keiner
Shining Light (9/1/2016)
Deepa Balepur, partner, Compass Real Estate
By Bill Simpson
Passionate (8/1/2016)
Mary Kohler, president and CEO of the H and H Group
By Bill Simpson
Coach (7/1/2016)
Marlin Benedict, senior executive partner at Simon Lever
By Bill Simpson
Challenger (6/1/2016)
Jon Miles, president & CEO of EHD
By Bill Simpson
Exploit Disruption! (Lancaster) (5/1/2016)
A must read for personal success!
By Ted Byrne
Motivator (5/1/2016)
Michael Biggerstaff, CIO at Nxtbook Media
By Bill Simpson
Servant (4/1/2016)
Dennis Stuckey, Lancaster County Commissioner
By Bill Simpson
Inception (3/1/2016)
Mary Grace Simcox at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
By Bill Simpson
Land Molder (2/1/2016)
Pete Slaugh at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
By Bill Simpson
Deal With It (1/1/2016)
A New Year’s lesson from the executive suite
By Bill Simpson