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Valuing Your Business (10/31/2014)
What’s the big deal about EBITDA?
By Donald Feldman
Exit Planning, Succession Planning & Estate Planning (8/1/2014)
Similarities and differences
By Donald Feldman
Succession, M&A, and the New Valuation (6/1/2013)
How do health benefits affect the selling price of your company?
By Jim Schmucker
Do You Want Your Business Buried With You? (6/1/2012)
Plan for succession so your company’s obituary won’t need to be written
By Eric R. Wenger, CPA, MST
A Merging Moment (4/1/2012)
M&A: Has the grab begun?
By Ted Byrne
Purchase Your Growth? (11/1/2011)
Fitting acquisitions to your business plan
By Mike McGrann
All in the Family Business? (8/1/2011)
Satisfying nonactive family members
By Mike McGrann
3 Steps to Successful Leadership Transition (6/1/2011)
Manage the moment between a leader’s leaving and a leader’s arrival
By Roger S. North
Family Succession (4/1/2011)
Create relationship capital
By Mike McGrann
DOOMSDAY (3/1/2011)
Manage the ultimate risk
By William W. Adams
Legacy Leadership (2/1/2011)
Participation as a succession strategy
By Mike McGrann
Good Governance = Tough Questions (8/1/2010)
Choose a process—not a person—for your succession strategy
By Mike McGrann
Difficult Family Relationships (4/1/2010)
Define the role of “family” in a family business
By Mike McGrann
Navigating Crisis (2/1/2010)
The motto of the wise is … prepare for surprises.
By David W. Wimer
Transition: It is different from death. Right? (2/1/2010)
There are no rocking chairs in boardrooms
By Mike McGrann
Managing Transition (2/1/2010)
There are no rocking chairs in boardrooms
By Mike McGrann
Managing Succession Details (1/1/2010)
The major details revealed and overcome
By David Chopko
How to Avoid the Largest Estate Blunders (7/1/2009)
Overcoming the most expensive transitional elements
By Mark James
After-Merger (10/1/2008)
How a seller makes a sold business work
By David Chopko
Price Your Business To Sell (9/1/2008)
Make them a deal they can’t refuse
By David Chopko
Valuing a Business (8/1/2008)
How to cut through the fantasy
By David Chopko
What’s My Business Worth? (8/1/2008)
How to cut through the fantasy
By David Chopko
Selling vs. Bequeathing a Business (7/1/2008)
Selling versus bequeathing your business
By David Chopko
Communicate Your Exit (5/1/2008)
Minimize succession’s impact upon a company’s culture
By David Chopko
Who Will Decide To Sell Your Business? (4/1/2008)
Spouse? Accountant? Employees? Family? The trash hauler?
By David Chopko