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Sell Part of Your Business (3/1/2008)
When the part isn't the sum of all
By David Chopko
Marketing a Business Sale (12/1/2007)
If the business is to be sold, here’s how to market it
By David Chopko
Sell Your Business (11/1/2007)
Details, details, that’s where the devil may live
By David Chopko
Succession Sale Tactics (9/1/2007)
When selling the business is the option, here’s how
By David Chopko
A Strategic Investment Plan (8/1/2007)
Preparing for a profitable seccession
By David Chopko
Financing Succession (6/1/2007)
How to find the money to buy or sell a business
By David Chopko
Secure Investment Capital (4/1/2007)
How to pay for transition
By David Chopko
Find an In-House Successor (2/1/2007)
Identifying the transition candidate from inside
By Ted Byrne
That One! (2/1/2007)
Succession: Find an in-house successor
By Ted Byrne
Consider The ESOP (12/1/2006)
Succession planning tactics can be driven through employee participation
By William J. Meagher Jr., CIMA
Find the Outside Successor (12/1/2005)
Recruiting an outsider to succeed the CEO
By Ted Byrne
The Candidate (12/1/2005)
Selecting, recruiting, and developing a successor from outside of a company
By Ted Byrne
Developing a Succession Plan for the Closely Help Business (10/1/2005)
Developing a succession plan for the closely held business
By Dean H. Dusinberre, Esq.
Will Land Preservation Doom County Farming? (4/1/2005)
As development rights are taken, what will hold young farmers?
By Bruce E. Mowday
Succession (1/1/2003)
Every plan has an end. There is a way to build an exit strategy. In fact, for the family business, exit strategy is critical.
By Ted Byrne