Print Advertising Specs

print specs

Mechanical Requirements

Ad Sizes
Full Spread - 10.125 (W) x 12.75 (H) - for each page
Half Spread - 10.125 (W) x 6.25 (H) - for each page
Full Page - 10.125 (W) x 12.75 (H)
Island - 7.5625 (W) x 9.75 (H)
Half Page Horizontal - 10.125 (W) x 6.25 (H)
Half Page Vertical - 5 (W) x 12.75 (H)
3/8 Page Horizontal - 7.5625 (W) x 6.25 (H)
3/8 Page Vertical - 5 (W) x 9.75 (H)
1/4 Page Block - 5 (W) x 6.25 (H)
1/4 Page Banner - 10.125 (W) x 3 (H)
1/4 Page Vertical - 2.375 (W) x 12.75 (H)
1/8 Page Vertical - 2.375 (W) x 6.25 (H)
1/8 Page Horizontal - 5 (W) x 3 (H)

Digital Files

Accepted Medium (Macintosh compatible)

File Formats

InDesign, Quark Express or pdf file. Please provide all visual images (scans, etc.), and fonts (screen and printer). Please supply any linked images used.


TIFF, JPEG or EPS preferred. CMYK or gray scale (minimum) resolution of 300 DPI at 100%.


Screen and printer fonts must be supplied for every ad. Please include fonts for any linked images.


Files should be 1 color, or prepared to separate to 2, 3, or 4 color. 4-color process should be CMYK. Files with more than 1 color should be converted to 4-color process. Pantone (PMS) colors will be matched to nearest possible process tint.


When printing on newsprint, a minimum type size of 7 pt. is recommended. Fine serifs should be avoided.

Technical Support

If you have any questions regarding digital file preparation, you can call the Keyword Communications production manager at (717) 682-4759.

Production Services

Advertising design and production can be provided for a nominal fee, Contact your sales representative for details.

Agency Commission

Standard 15% commission will be paid to recognized agencies for print-ready ads. Agency commissions will be deducted for unpaid billings past 60 days. Supplied artwork must be in reproducible form (incl. pre-screen halftones and logo artwork). Additional production time will be invoiced to the client or agency.