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Why B2B?

Concise & Relevant

Business2Business is an engaging practitioner's magazine designed to reach this market's busiest people—its executive decision makers. We deliver monthly in-depth analysis of strategic and tactical issues to challenge our area's managers, develop careers, harness best practices, and profile top business leaders. Business2Business grows your bottom line.

Authentic Content

Business2Business is written by authentic experts who live or work in this market. While they pull support from around the world, their analysis resonates through the experience ofsucceeding here in south-central PA.

Largest Circulation in PA

Business2Business mails to 7,500-plus recipients in our 2 editions - Lancaster and the Harrisburg Metro region. With a total circulation exceeding 22,000, Business2Business enjoys the highest business publication circulation in the state.

Targeted Access

Business2Business targets only executives with significant budgetary authority-mailing lists tightly focused to decision makers. Therefore, an advertiser's buy is not diluted by distribution to students, retirees, or those looking solely for leads. Stringent targeting means unequaled economy and reach.

Circulation vs. Readership

Ever notice how other local publications quote readership instead of actual circulation? They use multipliers to inflate their circulation with a guesstimate of pass-along readers. Of course Business2Business reaches secondary readers, and if we apply conventional multipliers, ourmonthly readership projects to over 75,000.

Efficient CPM

At less than 13 cents per issue, Business2Business inexpensively delivers high-impact access to critical decision makers for far less than a direct mail campaign.

Longer Shelf Life

Business2Business is a monthly magazine. Therefore, to have the same shelf life, an advertiser needs to purchase 4X the real estate in weekly business publications and significantly more in dailies. Moreover, practitioner features, as opposed to perishable news articles, are more likely to be referenced well beyond their publication dates.


The caliber of our advertisers reinforces the integrity of our articles. Readers understand that their monthly copy of Business2Business is distinguished both by its expertise and by the credibility of the commercial messages it carries.